Hilarious Christian Comedians That Will Have You Laughing in Under 10 Seconds

January 22, 2018

Who doesn't love some good, old fashion Christian humor? I mean, some of the stuff we come up with is just absolutely hilarious! Take the top 14 church signs article for example. The sign guy must have the best sense of humor among the church staff.


If you need a good laugh, check out the Christian comedians below. They will not disappoint!


Michael Jr.'s story all began at a movie theater when the projector malfunctioned. The audience was at a loss of what to do, so Michael jumped up on the stage and began cracking jokes. When the theater manager tried to kick him off stage, the audience demanded that he stay.



Let's take a look at Chris Wineland. This Christian comedian has been featured on Jimmy Fallon's show and on Jeff Durbin’s. This hilarious man keeps his comedy clean while encouraging his fans to follow Christ.



John Crist has been growing like crazy. With over 200 million video views, this Christian comedian has been a viral sensation. One thing Crist is known for is his ability to relate young adults. This comedian has been featured on ESPN, BuzzFeed, Laughs on Fox, and so many more.



For more clean, Christian humor, check out the video below!

And if you are a Jeanne Robertson fan, you have to check out her standup below!


Do you have any favorite Christian comedians? Let us know who they are on our Facebook page! In other news, check out these seven hilarious Bible comics that will brighten your day!

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