Friendly Hippos Help Save Duckling That Fell Into Their Pool

January 09, 2018

You may not know this but the hippopotamus is one of the most dangerous animals in the world. If you exclude rabies from dog bites (and also humans killing other humans), the hippo is the most deadly mammal in the world to humans with about 500 deaths caused per year.



Now that you know this information, the events in this video might be a bit surprising!


At the Blijdorp Zoo in Netherlands, a little duckling goes for a swim in the hippo pool but runs into a problem. The walls are too high for him to get out!


As its concerned mother looks on from behind a rock, the frantic little duckling tries in vain to leap out of the water.


The two hippos in the pool notice the commotion going on at the side of their pool and swim over to investigate.


The hippos then use their noses to help push the frantic little duckling out of the pool.


Watch it all unfold in the video below!



While the hippo might be one of the most dangerous animals in the world, at least they are friendly to little ducklings.



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