Thanksgiving Leftovers: What You Need to Know

November 22, 2017

While Thanksgiving is a day for us to recognize all our blessings in our lives, other families consider this day full of food and football. For my family, it's inclusive of all three.

Thanksgiving usually provides tons of food, more than needed, resulting in leftovers. When I leave for the evening, I'm usually handed several zip-lock baggies full of goodies. Don't think I'm complaining here; I'm not. I'm more than grateful not to have to cook for the next week.

Let's go over three ways to box up those Thanksgiving leftovers that will save you tons of time in the future. Full disclosure going in: please feel like you don't need to add those cute ties or tags. Let's be real, who's got time for that? Check out the video below for these tips!

Post by HGTV.

Which one is your favorite tip? I think I would go with the mason jars tip. If you want some more tips, take a look at what Ellen says you should do with your leftovers.

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