Hollywood Heartthrob Shared the Christmas Story at Disney’s Candlelight Celebration

December 19, 2017

Christmas is becoming more and more focused on things that aren’t the real meaning of the season. Instead of celebrating the birth of Jesus, many people celebrate the gifts they’re given.

Each year, Disney tries to reignite the true meaning of Christmas through a candlelight ceremony. They bring in choirs to sing Christmas carols and the Christmas story is shared.

While that in itself is incredible, it’s made even more amazing by the people that Disney brings in to help them celebrate the season. This year, the Christmas story was read by a superhero: Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in “Marvel” movies.

During the incredible ceremony, Chris Hemsworth read through the Christmas story. Occasionally through his reading, he would sit as a choir sang carols.

And it wasn’t just any choir. There were over 600 voices in the choir. It was primarily made up of choirs from schools and churches in California. There was also a 50-piece live orchestra.

This ceremony has been a part of Disneyland’s Christmas celebrations since the early days of the park. While the event has gotten larger through the years, they still maintain their simple, candlelit event.

The ceremony this year started with the choir walking down Main Street U.S.A. while singing Christmas carols. As they walked, they held battery operated candles.

When the choir reached Town Square, the headed up the sets in front of the train station onto risers. In one section they formed a “Living Christmas Tree.” This is when Hemsworth took place and began to read the biblical Christmas story.

Hemsworth isn’t the first star to read the Christmas story for the event. Past guest narrators have included Dick Van Dyke, James Earl Jones, and Ginnifer Goodwin.

It’s incredible that a huge company like Disney has an event like this. It’s easy for Christmas to get away from us without spending time thinking about the true meaning of the season.

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