Triggered Home Depot Customers Threaten Boycott After Co-Founder Announces Donation To Trump Campaign

July 09, 2019

We’ll just see how long that lasts!

Renowned Republican supporter and Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus has announced that he plans to support President Trump in his 2020 bid for reelection, and liberals are losing their minds!

Irate customers have pledged to boycott the home supplies megastore to show their displeasure at the move.

Never mind that Marcus has openly donated to conservative causes in the past, this time the anti-Trumpers are taking it to the next level.

When the news came out, loyal Home Depot customers of the left-wing persuasion took to social media to announce their determination to break the corporation’s economy by no longer shopping at the evil stores.

Others vow to cut up their cards and throw their business to competitors Lowe’s and Menard’s.

“#HomeDepot founder Bernie Marcus was one of #Trump's largest donors in 2016, giving $7 million to Trump's campaign through outside groups. He plans to financially support the president in the 2020 election”

“Cutting up my card and never shopping there again”

“Hey @hgtv this is another one of your sponsors & please just go with @Lowes instead of @HomeDepot from now on because you’re my self-care”

Marcus officially retired from the company 17 years ago in 2002, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the vehement customers who object to his using his wealth in the manner he sees fit.

Over the years Marcus has become “an increasingly outspoken conservative figure, appearing once on Fox News to argue that Democratic politicians ‘don't have any brains’ for failing to support Trump's tax plan.”

And when it comes to conservative causes, Marcus puts his money where his mouth is, so to speak.

“For years, the billionaire, along with the early Home Depot backer Ken Langone, have functioned as megadonors for the Republican Party.

“Marcus donated $7 million to Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.”

"The #BoycottHomeDepot hashtag trended on Twitter as a virtual battle erupted over the news that the company’s co-founder Bernie Marcus would donate some of his multi-billion dollar fortune to Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign."

“This guy?! Thanks for inspiring me to shop anywhere else for home improvement stuff! I cringe, thinking how I unwittingly helped the #WorstPresidentEver over the past few years.”

“Told my bud about @HomeDepot & #BernieMarcus. He's a tech-director/scenic-designer/set-designer/builder/prop-maker/fabricator/et al... buys a LOT of supplies, as you might imagine... and was an extremely loyal Home Depot shopper, until now. ‘Menard's it is!’”

“I will never buy from home depot again. Spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at your outlets. Plan on purchasing close to 20 acres for development but won't purchase a nail at HD”

Left-wing anti-Trumpers are not the only customers speaking out on the decision. There are plenty of conservatives who are applauding Marcus' generosity to the causes that resonate with them.

"I've always enjoyed shopping at Home Depot, good products, good value, and will now enjoy it even more. Will be sure to send more business their way. Thank you, Bernie Marcus. #MAGA #KAG2020"

“Yes all patriots will still shop at Home Depot! Me Bernie Marcus earned his money & can give it to whomever he wishes! Thank u dear Lord for Bernie Marcus for his gift to help reelect President Trump who is the best America has ever had! God bless him😀🙏🇺🇸”

"I'll increase my shopping at Home Depot! Someone like Bernie Marcus standing up for his conservative values, putting his money where his mouth is, is inspiring. I will also donate from my modest income to Trump's re-election!"

“Me walking into Home Depot to buy things I don’t need because people are mad Bernie Marcus is so generous:”

And through it all, some social media users with calmer heads to speak logic and reason.

“Bernie Marcus has been neither an executive nor board member of Home Depot for 17 years. According to Bloomberg, he has since sold all his shares. Yes, he co-founded the company but penalizing the current employees seems unfair.”

With all the hoopla on Twitter and so many passionate citizens speaking out, one thing seems likely.

With Liberal shoppers boycotting and Conservative customers increasing patronage, it will probably end up a wash. Although the added publicity can't hurt the Home Depot's bottom line.