Home Ec Teacher Under Fire For Student Baking Project; Protesters Say Chocolate Cake ‘Racist’ And ’Offensive’

April 29, 2019

An Oregon High School is facing backlash after a group of Culinary Arts students created what appears to be a 'blackface' out of a chocolate cake. The students were given the plain chocolate cake by their teacher and told to 'make whatever they want out of it.'

That's how 'Alfonso' came to be.

"On Thursday, Cleveland High School Principal Ayesha Freeman sent out an email to inform parents and students of an offensive cake that had been made in a culinary arts class that resembled blackface."

As you might expect, opinions were widely varied in response to the Culinary Arts project. One student posted a photo of the cake and attempted to stir up outrage.

“A bunch of white girls at my school made a blackface chocolate and we're all pissed about it: a thread (PLEASE SHARE THIS SO SOMETHING CAN ACTUALLY BE DONE) tw: racism, sexual assault”

According to students in the class, however, there was no ill intent. They say their teacher filled up a cake mold with chocolate cake batter and handed it to a team of girls. She told them to “do whatever they want” with it.

The end result was a chocolate cake with two blue eyes and a pair of very full pink lips. The cute project turned into a political firestorm when someone decided that the ‘racist’ white girls created an ‘offensive’ image of the now banned ‘blackface.’

The incident comes on the heels of a series of reportedly ‘racist’ events at the school. Just four days earlier, another email had to be sent out to parents explaining that a teacher had found a “noose-like string” hanging at an entryway of the school.

“Principal Freeman referred to the discovery of the cake as ‘an event … that was hurtful to our staff and students of color’ in the email, which was shared with Fox News.

"We are working together towards a restorative process to heal our community from the hurt and harm that has been caused by a series of incidents this year," it continued.

The chocolate cake incident comes six months after Cleveland High officials found swastikas and ‘hateful words’ written on fliers for the Jewish Student Union.


Portland Public Schools spokesman Harry Esteve issued a statement on behalf of the district.

“We are still gathering facts to determine what happened.

“We want and expect our schools to be places where students feel safe, welcome, included, and respected by staff and classmates.

“Any act of racism, racial insensitivity or discrimination of any sort is completely unacceptable at our schools.”

District demographics indicate that 69% of the school population is white and 3% black. Some students and parents are upset, worried that this opens the door to future racist and offensive attacks.

Not everyone is concerned about what many are calling an innocent act, and blame “liberal snowflakes” for being too easily offended.

“Oh, please! You p*ssies are so offended by the least little thing. It's just a face. You're transmitting your own racist tendencies onto someone else to give you something to cry about. Get a grip, fool!”

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the girls intended harm? We'd love to hear from you!

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