Homeless Vet Who Spent His Last $20 to Help Woman in Need Gets Life Changing Gift

November 29, 2017

Kate McClure was driving down Interstate 95 when she ran out of gas. She did the only thing she could think of—she started walking to the nearest gas station. Before she got far, though, a homeless man approached her.

Johnny Bobbitt Jr. was a homeless man who had been holding a sign on the side of the street. He only had $20, but he knew he needed to help Kate. He told her to get back into her car and lock the door.

She did what he asked, uncertain what was going to happen. Minutes later, he came back, carrying a red gas canister. Johnny had spent his last $20 to help Kate stay safe.

He didn’t ask for any money in return—and Kate didn’t have anything to give him. But over the next few weeks, she would see him occasionally. She started carrying around things to give him to thank him for the kind deed he did for her.

She gave him a jacket, gloves, and socks to help him stay warm in the cold. She also gave him some money to help.

Even that wasn’t enough, though. Kate and her boyfriend decided to start a GoFundMe page sharing her story. They wanted to raise enough money for Johnny for him to be able to cover rent, get a vehicle, and have enough for food and other expenses—around $10,000 total.

When they gave him the first set of donations—around $700, Johnny was overjoyed. Johnny is a veteran who has not been able to find regular work. He’s been living on the streets for some time.

When a local news agency found Johnny and Kate’s story, the donations started pouring in. In only 18 days, over $390,000 were raised for Johnny. Check out this video of Kate and Johnny’s story.

Kate recently updated the GoFundMe page, sharing her appreciation for everyone’s kindness. She also wanted to share what was going to happen with all of the money. She shared, “The first thing on the list is a NEW home which Johnny will own!...Second will be the dream truck he’s always wanted...a 1999 Ford Ranger. There will be two trusts set up in his name, one essentially giving him the ability to collect a small ‘salary’ each year and another retirement trust.”

Johnny is also planning on donating some of the money to organizations and people who have helped him. Johnny was willing to help out someone in need with his last $20 and he has received a life-changing gift in return. This will help him get his feet back under him and find a job.

It’s incredible to see the effect a little bit of kindness can have on a person’s life. Check out this sweet act of kindness that a woman showed towards a vet.

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