‘Hot’ Police Officer Has Female Hearts All A-Flutter After Starring In New Driving Law Video

July 05, 2019

When the Knoxville Police Department selected its star for the public service videos explaining a new driving law, they had no idea he would get the reaction he has.

“The Hands-Free Law took effect on July 1 in the state, banning drivers from holding their phones on the road, WTVF reports. Legislators hope the policy will reduce distracted driving accidents and fatalities, as Tennessee had over 24,000 crashes related to distracted driving last year.”

The purpose of the videos was to make sure Tennessee residents fully understood the new hands-free law that recently went into effect.

But, apparently, choosing Officer Derrick White as the star has had some unintended consequences - at least according to some Twitter posts.

It’s hard to know if some Tennesseeans got the intended message of Officer White’s performance - Female admirers seemed distracted by the aviator sunglasses-wearing heartthrob’s looks.

Undoubtedly the 27-year-old Knoxville Police officer made an impression, but we’re not sure if his fans will remember the details of the new law he is tasked with explaining.

But, it’s certain that at least the female members of the fan club will remember HIM!!

“Officer White I will throw my phone into a river if that’s what it takes for a date with you.”

“Is Officer White single? Asking for a friend.”

“Where does the officer on the left patrol EXACTLY???”

“What days and where does Officer White work? 😍 I need him to personally explain this new law to me please.”

“Can I get arrested by Officer White?”

“If the only way to meet officer white is to text and drive then you already know what I’m doing”

“All advances aside, a rep for the Knoxville Police Department has since revealed that White has been with the department for eight years, working as a resource officer for the Richard Yoakley School and covering the motors unit when school is not in session, the News Sentinel reports.”

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