How American Are You? This Test Will Tell You

April 03, 2018

Most Americans have taken a US History class (or multiple classes for that matter), but sadly, not many retain all that they learn. Let’s see how much you know about your country!

Here are a few questions to test just how much you know about the “land of the brave” (answers on the next page link at the bottom):

1. How many red stripes are there on the American Flag?

2. When was the US Constitution Signed?

3. Who gave the Gettysburg address?

4. The Hoover Dam was built on what US river?

5. What American inventor came up with “lighting rod” invention?

6. What country did the US purchase Alaska from in 1867?

7. Who is the oldest US President to be elected to office?

8. Who wrote the US Pledge of Allegiance?

9. Who was the leader of the Boston Tea Party in 1773?

10. How many US Supreme Court justices are there?

Go to page 2 for the answers!


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