How Golden Llamas Can Save You Money at World Market

December 08, 2017

Every year, stores are coming up with new and creative ways to get people to come in and shop. This is never truer than around the Christmas season. Between Black Friday deals, coupons, and advertisements, stores put a lot of money into pulling you in.

Some customers at World Market have even gotten free money at the store—just from finding a golden llama. Yes, it sounds strange, but it’s true.

This year, World Market is encouraging customers to hunt through their stores for golden llama cards. When a customer finds these cards, they can redeem them at the cash register for a reward coupon.

According to their website, “Every day beginning Wednesday, December 6th through Sunday, December 17th, your local Cost Plus World Market store will hide 5 Golden Llama pieces throughout the store.”

You can sign up to receive a clue each day that will help lead you to the Golden Llama. It is shared via text, email, and social media channels. The website says, “Locate one Golden Llama piece and bring it to the nearest store associate to exchange for a reward coupon valued at $20, $50 or $100. Reward is valid only on the day it is awarded.”

World Market created a sweet video about the Golden Llama. The llamas in the film listened to a young boy practice his instrument each day. Finally, when it’s time for him to perform, he does it for the llamas. Check it out here.

You can follow World Market on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to find out more. Head to your nearest location to hunt down your own Golden Llama coupon.

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