When the Flu Gets Scary: How the Flu Killed Their 24-year-Old “Miracle” Daughter

February 13, 2018

Years ago, Neal and Marla Libidinsky tried for years to get pregnant. They had almost given up hope of having biological children when Marla finally found out that she was pregnant. Nine months later, Jenna was born. For the last 24 years, she has been their miracle. In the latest flu season, though, they lost her.

Jenna was a 24-year-old woman living with her parents in Las Vegas, a city that has been especially hard-hit with the brutal flu season this year. When Jenna first got sick, they assumed that it was just a chest cold.

“What do all doctors tell us when you have a bad chest cold?” Neil, Jenna’s father shared. “A cough is going to be around for a couple of weeks. OK, so, that’s what we’re thinking.”

However, it wasn’t just a chest cold for Jenna. Jenna went to the hospital for the first time on January 25th. Through the next week, her cough didn’t get any better. She also had a fever. She went to the hospital four different times throughout that week.

Eventually, her fever broke. She told her father, “I’m starting to feel like my old self.”

That night, she went out for a girl’s night with her mother. They went to dinner at Chili’s, got manicures and pedicures, and watched “Criminal Minds” in bed. Marla kissed her daughter goodnight and left the room at 10 pm.

At 3 am, Jenna got up to use the restroom and collapsed. Her father heard the noise and came running to help her. She was delirious. He dialed 9-1-1.

Paramedics spent the next two hours trying to resuscitate Jenna, but they were unable to. Their 24-year-old miracle had been killed by the flu.

When they informed Jenna’s doctor of what had happened, she was shocked. Neil shared, “She says, ‘You couldn’t have done anything different than you did.’ She was totally dumbfounded.”

Marla encourages parents out there, “Go hug your children. Neil pitched in, “The pain of losing her is worth knowing her for 24 years.”

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