Huge Fire Causes Large Evacuation at Major Hospital; Requesting Prayers

July 17, 2018

A hospital is "being partially evacuated due to a fire on the ground floor." The hospital is Guy's Hospital on St. Thomas' Street in London.

"Four fire engines and 25 firefighters have been called to reports of a fire in St Thomas' Street," stated a local news source.

"Nalina Eggert, who works as a BBC journalist, said she could smell smoke when she arrived at the hospital and was told to evacuate the building.

“'I arrived shortly before 4pm to the Southwark Wing and had to leave immediately,' she told the News. 'I could smell smoke and it’s been evacuated.

“'I can see four fire engines here – one’s around the corner outside the Sainsbury’s and the other three are outside the Southwark Wing exit – and multiple hoses are being deployed.

“'The fire was on the ground floor.'”

The local fire department stated in a tweet that the situation is under control. Hooray!

We are requesting prayers for everyone affected and that the hospital can recover quickly from this fire 

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