Hugh Jackman Shares How He Keeps His Marriage Strong

January 11, 2018

Hugh Jackman is a big name in Hollywood right now. Between his role as Wolverine and his latest starring role in “The Greatest Showman,” he’s all over the place. Through all of the starring roles and red carpets, though, one thing remains constant in his life—his devotion to his wife.

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-lee Furness have been married for 21 years. Recently, Jackman spent a little bit of time gushing about how much he adores his wife—and he shared a few tips for strong marriages.

Apparently, the two first met in 1995. Although they’re 13 years apart, they hit it off. After a few years, they got married. Now, they have two children. Despite going through the normal ups and downs of marriage, Jackman says that Furness is his “rock” through everything.

According to Jackman, one of the things that makes their marriage so strong is that they have been together since before his career took off. “One of the great pieces of fortune in my career, it started late, but that Deb and I were already set together, a team, madly in love, like literally before it all happened.”

Because they were married before they had to worry about the extra pressure (and stress) of fame, the already knew how they functioned as a family. He shared, “We can kind of see all the ups and downs for what they are. Our priority is our family and we’re there for each other no matter what.”

Even now, Jackman’s wife is his biggest supporter. “Even at the Oscars, I walk out, I put my hand on my heart and I always look to Deb in the audience,” he said. “Straight afterwards, I will not see anybody in my dressing room until Deb’s been in. Because that is my foundation, that is my rock, that is the foundation of our family, and therefore my life.”

It's incredible to see an inspiring couple like this in Hollywood. Even through the ups and downs of marriage, they stay committed to each other. He knows that he couldn't be anywhere without her support and love.

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