Hurricane Michael Strongest Storm To Hit Florida; Life-Threatening & Catastrophic Damages Expected

October 10, 2018

It's not looking good for parts of Florida. Hurricane Michael is expected to be the strongest storm ever to hit the southern state, according to "The Guardian."

Hurricane Michael is on its way to potentially cause catastrophic damage, according to the "National Hurricane Center." The roaring winds have already reached 145 m.p.h making this hurricane a Category 4.

According to "CBS News," nearly 30 million people are in Hurricane Michael's destructive path. Meteorologists say that this storm could cause unrecoverable damage to properties and building; this could be a life-threatening storm.

Florida Governor Rick Scott says that it is no longer safe to evacuate the state. People will need to stay where they are and stay safe.

In a recent tweet by "FDOT District 3," water has begun to sweep over Florida highways. The Florida Department of Transportation shared a video on Twitter of the storm surge swamping over highways.

A photo was taken by the "FDOT" showing how much the storm has intensified.

According to "Yahoo" journalist Ethan Klapper, Hurricane Michael has forced air traffic control to reroute around the Gulf of Mexico.

"The Guardian" reports that Georgia is expected to receive a hit from Michael, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administrator Brock Long.

Long says that this will be one of the biggest hits that southern Georgia has experienced in decades. He also went on to say that the people "should wake up and pay attention."

It is expected that parts of both states will likely have power outages for several weeks, Long says.

Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers!