Husband Finds out His Wife Is Pregnant After Vasectomy — His Next Move Is Unexpected

Over the course of some time, Tim Brummel noticed his wife acting a "little pregnant." She was expressing some common pregnancy symptoms, such as being more tired than normal — she is already a mom to three boys, so what's "normal" anyway? Tim noticed she began to crave certain foods and the main prego-culprit: she felt nauseous.



The sweet couple joked about Rachel being pregnant, but it couldn't be possible — Tim had a vasectomy eight months ago. While, yes, the procedure isn't 100% foolproof, there is still a chance. According to the American Pregnancy Association (APA), "following a vasectomy, a couple has a less than one percent chance of getting pregnant."



Tim, a worship leader at Revolution Church in Georgia, realized he never received his results back from the vasectomy. So Tim called the doctor's office, and sure enough, the procedure failed. This prompted Tim to do some further testing.



Tim purchased a pregnancy test and told his wife that the toilet wasn't working so she wouldn't flush. Tim was able to get enough of his wife's pee sample, and just minutes later, Tim found out she was indeed pregnant!


"I found out my wife was pregnant before she knew, so I got to tell her the news!" Tim said.



As the story unfolds, Tim purchased some flowers and made a card informing Rachel of their new addition to the family. Her reaction was priceless!



The viewers were also informed of the gender of the baby later on in the video. I wonder if Rachel will be having a boy, making it five males in the house (prayers for her!), or she will be having a girl. Either way, God had other plans for the Brummel's and we are so excited for the adorable family of six!

Check out the video below!

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