Husband Miraculously Finds Missing Wife After She Disappeared in the Snow

February 26, 2018

This is an amazing story with a miraculous ending.

Trevor Koenig of Vernon, British Columbia was waiting at home for his wife Caroline to return last week, and as the wait grew longer and longer, he feared for her safety. “I thought something must have happened, maybe car trouble,” he said.

He tried calling her cell phone but noticed she left it at home with him. That’s when he decided to go out and look for her himself.

“I just thought, you know what, this story doesn’t end with her being by herself,” he said.

Koenig had no idea where she was, but he knew that she would often drive along Highway 6, so that’s where he looked first.

“I just drove 50 kmph (30 mph) with my high beams on close to the shoulder and watched the shoulder the whole way for any highway tracks,” he said.

After driving about 90 miles, he noticed tire tracks veering off the road into the snow. Koenig stopped his vehicle, grabbed his flashlight, and went out to investigate. His heart stopped when he looked down the embankment.

‘I saw a car pinned in a tree,” he said. It was his wife’s.

He quickly climbed down to investigate. “I was afraid to look in the car," he said. "I thought my wife was dead in the car." But when he got to the car, he saw that it was empty.

After looking around, he spotted her hunched over by a tree further down the ravine. “She wasn’t moving, and I got in front of her, and I lifted up her face, and her eyes were just staring blank, and I thought, ‘Oh, I was too late.’ And then she blinked,” he said. “She thought she was dreaming. She asked if I was real.”

Fire and rescue soon arrived on the scene. The rescue crew had to rappel down the embankment to bring them both back to safety. 15 hours had passed from when Caroline crashed to her eventual discovery and rescue.

“It’s amazing he was led to that spot and to find her in the conditions that he was faced with,” said Trevor Honigman of Vernon Search and Rescue. “It’s a miracle, it really is.”

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