Another Dog Dies Aboard Major Airliner; Outraged Travelers Demand Answers - And ACTION

March 20, 2019

It’s an animal lover’s worst nightmare.

You are going on a long trip and don’t want to leave your precious pup all alone at a kennel. Besides, you love your four-legged friend so much that you wouldn’t DREAM of being without him for so long.

So you make the necessary arrangements and pay the cost of bringing him along with you. He’s much too large to be in the cabin, so you check him into the cargo hold. Everybody does it so it must be safe, right? Not so fast…

For a few distraught pet owners, reality hit them square in the heart when they found out the hard way that things are not quite as rosy as airliners would like them to believe.

We’ve been hearing about the increase in cargo-held dogs dying during flights, and another happened this week. On Tuesday, a family pet lost its life while on a transatlantic flight that lasted nearly 11 hours.

And now pet-owning travelers are saying, “ENOUGH!”

According to Air France, only dogs 13.2 pounds or less may travel in the cabin. All others must be checked as baggage. That’s what happened when a Husky and his crate were put aboard a flight from Amsterdam to Los Angeles.

On a flight from Amsterdam to Los Angeles, a beloved family pet passed away when he suffered oxygen deprivation during the nearly-11-hour trip.

The flight originated in Amsterdam and arrived at Los Angeles International Airport, at which time the condition of the pup was discovered.

The saddest part is that the unsuspecting owner didn’t learn of her dog’s demise until she went to the Air France warehouse to retrieve her traveling companion.

TMZ is reporting, “One Air France employee with knowledge of the incident claims ... the dog was incorrectly loaded in the cargo hold and lost oxygen during the transatlantic flight.

“According to flight trackers, the flight time was 10 hours, 45 minutes.”

The loss of this precious Husky, unfortunately, isn't the first time such a tragedy has occurred.

Back in June, we heard about a little Pomeranian named Alejandro that lost its life during a Delta flight from Phoenix to New Jersey. In this case, the pup apparently died while being transferred to a connecting flight in Detroit.

The family is suing the airlines for neglect. Their lawyer told TMZ, “From what he knows Delta has been pushing people to put their dogs in the cargo hold rather than the cabin, presumably because there are so many service dogs on board these days the passenger areas resemble a kennel.’

Delta has denied that charge, saying the family requested it.

Then there was the case in which a French Bulldog named Kokito who died last May died while aboard a United Airlines flight. According to TMZ, “A flight attendant allegedly ordered Catalina Robledo to put Kokito in the overhead compartment. After 2 hours of barking, Kokito died of suffocation.”

One social media user summed everyone's feeling of outrage, with thiis to-the-point, pulling-no-punches tweet:

“What a horrible way to die!!
"Can’t begin to imagine, poor dog!!!!

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