WW-II Sailor Depicted In Iconic Photo Dead At 95; #MeToo Activists ‘Honor’ His Service By Defacing Beloved Statue

February 19, 2019

On the same day that we learned of the death of 95-year-old George Mendonsa, the WW-II sailor made famous in an iconic V-J Day photo, we also learned of the shameful vandalism of a statue depicting that same historical moment.

Although the individual responsible for the disgraceful act has not stepped forward to claim ‘credit,’ investigators have a pretty good idea where to start their search. The vandal had no problem advertising who is responsible - right there is bright red spray paint - for all the world to see!


According to TMZ, "The statue recreating George Mendonsa and Greta Zimmer Friedman's iconic moment from 1945 was tagged Monday in Sarasota, FL with red spray paint that spelled '#METOO.' Police say they don't have any surveillance video or witnesses to the crime, at this point."

The original photo of Mendonsa's spontaneous expression of unbridled joy at Japan's surrender at the end of World War 2 was snapped by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt on August 14, 1945.


The depiction of the sailor embracing an unwary nurse who just happened to be passing by has raised the hackles of those in the #MeToo movement, condemning the actions of the ebullient sailor who was overcome with emotion over 75 years ago!


In an unbelievable display of hubris, the perp exhibited little concern that the act would cause distress to so many elderly who lived through that historic time and vividly remember that meaningful and emotional day. Not to mention, the fear of being prosecuted seems to be completely absent.


In one self-serving act, the brazen criminal managed to demonstrate a blatant and shameful disregard for common decency, national honor, and all those who have served in our country’s military.

The celebrated photo and the resulting statues have come under fire from #MeToo and other feminist groups claiming that the 'non-consensual' nature of the kiss constitutes nothing short of sexual assault. Now we understand why they were so triggered.


'OH FFS just fricken stop this bull**it!
It was the end of WWII..Damn near everybody who fought that war is dead. God rest their souls. Leave the #metoo out of this"

But everyday Americans are not buying it. They are overwhelmingly outraged over the inexcusable desecration of this national treasured - and they took to social media to express their disgust:


"WTH is wrong with America today? They want to destroy our history!"


"This statue of a soldier kissing a nurse in San Diego has beem criticised by femanists...
When you chat utter rubbish and campaign for the sake of it you lose credibility"

And some expressed deep sadness at the passing of Mr. George Mendonsa, the man who embodied the hopes, dreams, and emotions of an entire nation with his one, unforgettable action so, so long ago.


"It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of George Mendonsa, World War II veteran known as the kissing sailor in the famed photo #VJDayinTimesSquare. Many know the photo, but few know the story. Take a moment to listen here: https://bit.ly/2V2Lw3l #RIP"

"I'm a Marine. I cried today. Yes, Marines, Sailors, Soldiers & Coast Guards cry. That's the reason they do what they do & their empathy & caring beats fear. Remember the Picture in Times Sq.(WWII) & the Sailor Kissing the Nurse. It's a statue in SD. He died today. God Bless Him❤"

Please join us in mourning the loss of historical icon George Mendonsa, who will live on in our hearts thanks to the unforgettable work of Alfred Eisenstaedt and the remarkable talent of those who have erected the beautiful statues in honor or our nation's greatest generation.



Good news! The paint has been removed and the beautiful 'Unconditional Surrender' monument lives on in all its glory. The idea that someone felt emboldened enough by the rise of these militant activist groups to take such a disgraceful action, however - That should be cause for ongoing concern.


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