Judge Outsmarts Identical Twin Brothers Who Wouldn’t Admit Which One Fathered Child

April 24, 2019

Identical twins have the unique ability to fool others with their amazing similarities. From childhood on, many identical find humor in pulling the wool over the eyes of those they mislead.

Most look-alike siblings grow out of their obsession with the deception, but some don’t. And this story shows just how complicated things can get when they carry their penchant for tricking others into adulthood.

A pair of brothers in Brazil was called before a judge when they both refused to admit which one fathered an out-of-wedlock child with a former paramour.

According to Fox News, the brothers had amused themselves by using their physical similarities to mislead women which one was which. And in their case, it has ended up costing both of them.


Now a judge has slapped BOTH of the brothers with child support payments since neither on would fess up to being the ‘baby daddy.’

“The identical twins refused to admit who the father of the baby girl was in an attempt to avoid making support payments.


“After additional DNA testing was done and returned inconclusive, a judge made the decision to hold them both accountable for supporting the child.”


Both brothers deny being the dad, saying the other twin is the real father. And DNA doesn’t help solve the dilemma.

The mother gave testimony in court that she believes the brothers know the truth.

“They know the truth, but they take advantage of the similarity to evade responsibility,” the mother told authorities.

She also testified that she believed that she was with one man but started to question things when the man would show up driving a different vehicle.


Perhaps employing the same wisdom as the biblical King Solomon, the judge may eventually cause the innocent brother to flip on his bar in order to save himself some dough.

“One of them is acting in bad faith in order to hide the fact that he is the father.

“Such vile behavior cannot be tolerated by the law,” the judge officially stated.


Until one of the men fesses up, both will be responsible for a $60 per month child support payment which is said to be double the average monthly award.

In addition, both brothers’ names will appear on the baby’s birth certificate.

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