If You See a House With Trash Bags Filled With Water by Their Front Door, This Is What It’s For

April 02, 2018

In times of need, sometimes people come up with ingenious solutions to potential problems. Trash bags filled with water is one of those simple but brilliant ideas.


Hurricane season was particularly bad for the southeast last year. It brought millions of gallons of water, trillions in Texas, which led to widespread flooding in many cities.




As it turns out, trash bags and water is something we all have easy access to which makes this tip all that more clever and important.



Since sandbags can be hard to come by during times of disaster, or even in normal day-to-day life for that matter, filling trash bags with water is a simple and easy substitute.


If you place the water-filled bags in front of places where water might leak in, you can vastly decrease the chances your home will get flooded.


Obviously, the main drawback of this solution is that you can’t stack them as high as you can with sandbags so they can only hold back so much water at a time.


Also, make sure you use heavy duty trash bags or they will tear and end up flooding the place you are trying to prevent from flooding.


Another tip related to disaster recovery is the coin in the ice cup trick.


When you evacuate your home, you won’t know if and for how long power gets knocked out at your house. Your food could thaw out and go bad in your freezer for a few days when the power goes out but then get refrozen when it turns back on before you return.




Avoid this problem by placing a coin in a cup of frozen water and place the cup in your freezer. If the coin is still on top of the ice when you return, your food remained frozen.


If the coin is at the bottom of the cup, throw your food out because it went bad when the power went out. The ice melted and the coin sunk to the bottom.


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