In-N-Out Burger May Be Coming to a Town Near You

December 05, 2017

For those of you who don't get to enjoy an In-N-Out Burger regularly, we tend to find ourselves making it a stop while on a trip. Some of us even believe it's at least one of the destinations on a road trip.

Part of the reason for its popularity is because In-N-Out diners are relatively rare outside of six states, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and Oregon. The burger chain was a staple in California for nearly 70 years. 

They have shown very little interest in expanding due to their commitment to quality. Going too far in shipping beef from processing facilities may lower their quality standards.

Burger lovers in Colorado, however, have something to be excited about. Nearly 50 restaurants will be opening in Colorado alone.

Denver City Council President Albus Brooks announced this exciting news on Twitter last Saturday.

Part of In-N-Out's plan to open in Colorado involves building a distribution center. This will mitigate their quality control concerns.

Does this affect you? Are you excited about these opening? If not, where would you like for them to open next? In other news, check out these 15 hilarious text messages from grandparents.

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