In Seconds a Christmas Tree Can Be Engulfed by Flames—But It’s Easy to Prevent

December 14, 2017

Every December, families around the world bring perfect firewood into their homes. No, not for their fireplaces—they do it to decorate it with lights and ornaments and put presents underneath it.

Yes, Christmas trees are firewood. You can dress it up all you want, but in the end, it’s still firewood.

But when you think about, that’s actually terrifying. What if your tree catches a spark? It could go up in flames as quickly as a log catches fire. In fact, watch this video. Within ten seconds of lighting, the entire tree has become an inferno of flames.

So what can you do to prevent this? It’s actually easy—water it.

Watering your tree doesn’t only help the pine needles stay fresh longer, it also helps prevent a fire. It only takes seconds each day to top off the water to make sure that it doesn’t dry up—that can be the difference between a Christmas disaster and a perfectly peaceful, happy one.

Check out the video below that shows the difference between a dry tree and a watered tree. At 3 seconds, the dry tree has already caught fire. At only 15 seconds, other things in the room have started to catch fire. At 1 minute, 30 seconds, the room has been badly burned.

The watered tree, on the other hand, steams a little bit, as the fire evaporates some of the water. However, by the time the other tree is burnt to a crisp, the watered tree is still standing strong with no visible flames. Check it out below.

While watering your tree can make a night and day difference to how it catches fire, there are some other things you can do to prevent this. Check out the list below:

Choose a fresh tree.

When choosing your tree, if it already has brown needles or needles that fall off easily, it’s probably not very fresh. Instead, choose one with green needles that stay on fairly well.

Check your lights.

Check the labels on your Christmas lights to make sure the ones you use are flame-retardant. Also, be sure to replace lights that are starting to get old.

Don’t connect too many lights

Follow the instructions for your lights, but be careful when you connect over three strands. Depending on the lights you use, this can be a major fire hazard.

Get rid of the tree.

Yes, it’s a hassle to deal with the tree when you’re ready to get rid of it, but when it starts dropping needles, it’s important to take it down. This means that it’s starting to dry out.

Share this with your friends to make sure their trees and homes are safe this year! Check out this awesome hack to see if your Christmas stand has enough water in it.

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