Stunning Pictures of a Frozen Niagara Falls

January 04, 2018

Niagara Falls is a major tourist attraction. Millions of people head to the waterfall each year to check out the stunning sight. The power of the falls is one of the largest hydropower facilities in the Western World and produces a huge amount of electricity for the state of New York. However, the falls aren’t always running as smoothly as we would expect them to.


In fact, this winter, major cold fronts are moving across most of the United States. While these storms are dropping the temperatures to dangerously low levels, it can cause some of the most beautiful sights.



The weather around Niagara Falls, New York is currently 12 degrees with a wind chill that takes it down to -4 degrees. Over the next few days, it won’t get much higher than that. As a result of the below-freezing temperatures, Niagara Falls is freezing over.



These freezing temperatures have led to Niagara Falls looking like an absolutely stunning winter wonderland. The water that falls down creates massive icicles and covers its surrounds in a thick layer of ice.



While the temperatures are extremely low, it’s not even close to freezing entirely. If it gets too much colder, the outer layer of water might freeze with the water rushing under the surface.


There is only one recorded year when the river and falls froze up entirely: 1848. Since then, large portions have frozen, but there has always been some running water.



It’s incredible to see how forceful nature is. Even when the weather is working against it, the falls continues to run. For anyone out there that’s been frozen in, good luck! Stay safe through this freezing cold spell we have. In the meantime, hopefully you can appreciate the beautiful pictures we get as a result of the freeze.



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