Instead of Kneeling During The National Anthem, This Quarterback Prays

December 21, 2017

This article is not intended to be political, but a reminder for us to pray for people regardless of their opinions. Most of us know the recent controversy of choosing to stand or kneel during the anthem before an NFL game.

During the national anthem, fans look on to see who is standing and who is kneeling. But as they scan through the players of the Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders, they will stumble upon Derek Carr with his eyes closed and mouth in motion.

He is praying.


“Obviously some guys stood, and we wanted to make sure we were together, whether you agree or disagree," Carr said. "From the outside looking in for standing or sitting or whatever, we all love one another, whether one guy sits or one guy stands."

As many of the Raiders kneeled with linked arms, Carr's actions proved that regardless of his teammate's opinions, they are still family and one team.


“I don’t have the answers, but I know every day I just go out and love people. There’s not any person that I met that I don’t love. Some people may get under my skin a little bit, but I still love them,” he said.

Jesus was patient and kind to all, even with the people he disagreed with. Let's strive to be more gracious as He is with us.


Derek Carr is a class act. Do you agree? In related news, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Carson Wentz, still praises God despite his season-ending injury!

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