Internet is Going Crazy Over President Trump's Startling Remark About Brits Leaving Everyone Shocked

July 12, 2018

On July 12, President Donald Trump landed in London where he was greeted happily by many people with handshakes and smiles. However, on the other hand, there were thousands of protestors anticipating his arrival as well.

Many more protesters are expected to be present on Friday when he sits down with Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth II. Trump is in town for three days where he plans to work with May on possible trade deals with the United Kingdom, according to "The Guardian."

While many people have questioned Trumps human rights record and stance on Brexit, there were plenty of Brits excited for the president's arrival. Many of these people are in strong support of Trump and are looking forward to what he and the U.K. can do together.

“If he came here, I’d shake his hand, absolute brilliant businessman,” Dean Roberts, who runs a market stall in Barnsley, told "Fox News." “He’s going to upset a lot of people, that’s what we want, he’s a true leader.”

During his visit, President Trump plans to steer clear of the capital and other political offices due to the high possibility of protestors. Instead, he plans on keeping out of the public's eye most of the time and insulated himself in various palaces and country estates.

As usual, Trump tends to express no concern for protestors. According to "The Hill" on Thursday, the president downplayed the suspected amount of protestors and said, "I think they like me a lot in the U.K." He later added, "I think they agree with me on immigration."

Many more citizens spoke to news outlets saying how excited they are to have him here despite how many feathers he's ruffled, particularly due to his dislike for political correctness. But many Brits have surprisingly been siding with Trump.

“Well done on being so strong and in a powerful role. You’ve upset some people, but you’ve also really got some of the community together and feel proud to be American,” said Amber Rose Roberts.

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