Is it a Dog or a Purse?

August 11, 2017

It’s not uncommon to see a dog cozy up near their owner when dining outdoors. It’s the perfect place for dogs to catch any scraps falling off the table.

One day, Hannah Murphy was walking down the street with her mom in Yonkers, New York. Her mom began laughing and pointing at an adorable dachshund curled up underneath a woman’s chair at a restaurant.

Do you see the dog?

Is it really a dog? Take a closer look:

Hannah Murphy’s Twitter post went viral over the internet. Since her post, it has reached over 540 comments and over 46,000 retweets and is still growing!

Apparently, Hannah’s mom had mistaken the leathery, brown handbag for a sweet, curled-up dog. But the general public has fallen for similar mistakes as well. Below are people who did the same thing as Hannah’s mom: