Is Prayer Your First Response?

July 20, 2017

As Christians, we should desire to talk to the Lord about all things: the good, the bad and the ugly. It should be our first response. But like most of us, it’s not.

When we go through something difficult, a lot of us go directly to our spouse or our friends. It needs to be a conscience decision to go to God first. A lot of us will find that if we are going through something amazing, we tell our family and friends first before thanking God for the blessing.

Some of us believe we are too busy for prayer. “It takes too much time when I can actually be getting work done,” some of us may think. Not true. How do we have time to browse through our social media sites? How do we have time for our favorite TV shows every evening? We even find the time to talk with our friends who, most of the time, can’t even change our situation. How can we possibly think we don’t have time for Him?

Imagine only talking to your spouse or children once a week or just on Sundays. How would your relationship be? What would it end up like? There wouldn’t be much of a relationship.

If you struggle to make prayer your first response, try these ideas:

1. Set aside time for just prayer. Maybe set your alarm in the morning 15 minutes earlier for time just with God.
2. Establish a routine to pray with your children before bed and before they leave for school in the morning.
3. Allow your children to overhear your prayers or have them see you and your spouse pray together.
4. Start a prayer journal. Reflect each month on your past prayers and trust in knowing He will be faithful in answering those prayers.

Is He your first response? If He's not, maybe it’s time to make some changes in order for that to be true.