UPDATE: 10-Year-Old Boy With Autism, Missing For 3 Days, FOUND. Family Overjoyed, Yet Questions Remain

January 29, 2019

Here’s something we don’t often get to do. One week ago, we reported on a sad story about a ten-year-old autistic boy from Kentucky who went missing without a trace. An Amber Alert was issued shortly after he vanished and the F.B.I. became involved. Today we have an update to share.

And we’re happy to report that the news is good. Ten-year-old Isaih Boren, whose disappearance sparked a nationwide Amber Alert, was at particular risk because not only does he have autism, but he also needed medication which authorities believe he did not have with him when he vanished. The F.B.I. has issued a statement that the boy has been found, safe!

“FBI Louisville and @kystatepolice are excited to report Isaih Boren has been found. Isaih is safe, and we thank everyone who gave great attention to this matter.”

The boy went missing from Cadiz, Kentucky on Saturday, January 19th. At the time, authorities believed that Isaih was is in the company of a man named Isaac Ray Chamberlain, whose relationship to Isaih was unknown.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, “Isaih Boren was last seen Monday in Cadiz, Kentucky when he was allowed to leave home with a man named Isaac Chamberlain.”

"Due to everyone's effort and support, the Center is pleased to inform you that Isaih Boren, missing from Cadiz, Kentucky, has been safely located."

Cadiz is in Trigg County, Kentucky, north of the Tennessee state line and just west of Hopkinsville.

Later, the vehicle the two were believed to be travelog in was located, but neither Isaih nor Chamberlain was in it. “Boren was later found safe in Hopkins County, just north of Christian County. It's unclear if Chamberlain was with him."

Chamberlain was arrested on an outstanding warrant unrelated to the abduction of Isaih, but investigators expect charges on this case will follow.

We still have no word on why Chamberlain did not return Isaih to his home when expected. He had taken the boy, with permission, on an errand on Saturday and was supposed to return him immediately thereafter. When the pair had not returned by the end of the weekend, an Amber Alert was issued due to the amount of time the boy had been gone.

WDBJ-7 is reporting that “Hopkins County authorities revealed they found the suspect's Chevrolet pickup near Dawson Springs as Chamberlain is known to have ties with the area."

And the previously-unknown relationship between Isaih and his abductor has been revealed:

“Chamberlain is the son of Isaih's mom's boyfriend, according to police.”

Thank goodness the story has a happy ending, although questions certainly remain. No doubt that, in due time, the family will get the answers they deserve.

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