WATCH: Huge Bridge Collapses Killing At Least 35 People; Requesting Prayers

August 14, 2018

Here's the latest news about the tragic bridge collapsing.

There has been some tragic news that has just come in leaving at least 35 people killed. We are asking our readers to pray for the lives lost and for all the family and friends who may be involved. Please also keep the emergency rescuers in your prayers as well.

There are at least 35 people pronounced dead after a motorway bridge collapsed in the city of Genoa, Italy. The torrential rains brought down the 164-foot bridge killing dozens and leaving multiple people injured.

A dramatic and frightening video has captured the fatal event when one of the large supporting towers crashes down during the heavy rainfall. Many other videos have surfaced showing the devastating aftermath.

The bridge and vehicles fell 148 feet to the ground crashing into a factory and other buildings, according to Reuters. The bridge slabs fell on top of other vehicles that were under the bridge, while other pieces of concrete fell into a nearby riverbed.

Emergency personnel are rushing to aid and free individuals under the bridge debris and have found many dead and injured.

The rest of the bridge and surrounding area has been evacuated due to the fear of the remaining slabs will collapse. According to Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, the individual responsible for this fatal destruction will be held accountable.

"I have crossed that bridge hundreds of times," he said. "Now, as an Italian citizen, I will do everything to get the names and surnames of the managers responsible, past and present, because it is unacceptable to die like that in Italy."

How It Happened

The bridge collapsed at around 11:30 local time (09:30 GMT) during a relentless rainfall. According to local authorities, the city underwent a violent cloudburst.

"We saw lightning strike the bridge," eyewitness Pietro M all'Asa was quoted as saying by Ansa. "And we saw the bridge going down."

"We heard an incredible roar, and first we thought it was thunder very close by," an unnamed witness told BBC. "We live about 5km [three miles] from the bridge but we heard a crazy bang... We were very scared... Traffic went completely haywire and the city was paralyzed."

Victims Dead

At this time there has been one child reported dead. There were between 30 and 35 cars on the bridge at the time of the collapse, said the head of the civil defense agency, Angelo Borrelli.

"The first victims have been evacuated and now we have to search under the wreckage of buildings, but there are thousands of tonnes of concrete," Patrick Villardry, a French firefighter, said.

Will you join us in praying for the lives lost?