In Spite Of Calling Him 'Family,' JAY-Z Hurls Thinly-Veiled Insult And Racial Slur At Fellow Rapper And Trump Supporter, Kanye West

November 30, 2018

It appears that hip-hop superstar JAY-Z has finally spoken out about his former best friend Kanye West’s support for Donald Trump, and it’s anything but a portrait in tolerance and respect.

On Meek Mill’s new album entitled ‘Championships’ JAY-Z makes a guest appearance and gets a chance to make his true feelings known. And there’s no mistaking what he meant…

In the opening track of the new album - ‘What’s Free’- Jay-Z belts out the following lyrics:

“I ain't one of these house n----s you bought, my house like a resort, my house bigger than yours, my spouse...*scoffs* c'mon man, my route better, of course, we started without food in our mouths they gave us pork and pig intestines, s--t you discarded that we ingested 🤯🤯🐐🐐🐐”

The 49-year-old rapper pulled no punches when expressing his disdain for the President of the United States, but backed off on outright giving Kanye his walking papers. In fact, he seems to be begging the media to stop driving a wedge between him and West.

“No red hat, don’t Michael and Prince me and Ye, They separate you when you got Michael and Prince’s DNA - Jay Z “

According to steveharveyfm, “The line about the red hat appears to be a reference to Ye's affinity with Trump's red MAGA hats, which he once said made him feel like a superhero when he put it on.

"However, Kanye's support of the President does not appear to have caused additional strife in his relationship with Jay as Jay asks in the song that people not pit them against each other like Michael Jackson and Prince, which as TMZ noted appears to be in reference to the late legends' rivalry back in the '80s and '90s.

"Nonetheless, the rest of the lines do take shots at Trump and his supporters (i.e. his line about not being a "house n***a," which appears to be a jab at black people who support Trump).

And, of course, social media users were very outspoken about the controversy, with some agreeing and some not that JAY-Z was actually dissing West.

“If anything he is telling YE they are manipulating him against his own people, like a house N*gger, and Jay is saying they can't do him like that because he sees what they are trying to do. .”

“Jayz definitely took a few shots at Kanye.”

What are your thoughts on this?

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