JUST IN: Missing Wisconsin Teen Jayme Closs Found ALIVE! Suspect Arrested In 3-Month-Old Case

January 10, 2019

Barron County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday night that 13-year-old Jayme Close who has been missing since her parents were murdered in their home on October 15, 2018, has been found alive.

The information was released soon the department’s Facebook page. In the post, the Sheriff says they received the confirmation that Jayme is alive from authorities in Douglas County.

Earlier today it had been reported that the Sheriff’s Department was going to give an update within “a couple of days” but no one expected it to be THIS!!

The only other information shared at the time is that a suspect has been arrested. A news conference is scheduled for Friday morning at 10:00. Wisconsin time.

One of the leads police have been chasing is that Jayme had some sort of an alliance with an older man -  a rumor that had gained popularity within the community in which the family lived. More recently, photos unexpectedly appeared on social media purporting to be that of Jayme with said-man.

The photos appear to be of a young woman lying next to a man; it has gone viral as many are trying to determine if the photo is Jayme Closs.

"True Crime Gossip says that on Facebook that a '3-wide photograph' appeared on social media asking if it was Jayme Closs. Evidently, someone had anonymously submitted the post asking if they thought it looked like Jayme. True Crime Gossip took the photo and live streamed it on YouTube asking people to vote whether it was Jayme or not."

We'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out if this lead was the one that solved the case.

Check back for new information. We will bring it to you as it becomes available.

Please say a HUGE prayer of thanksgiving that the young girl has been found.