Investigators Discover New Details About Jayme Closs Kidnapping On Suspect’s Cell Phone: Court Documents Reveal

January 30, 2019

In the nearly three weeks since 13-year-old Jaime Close miraculously escaped from her three-month forced captivity, the young teen is trying to put her shattered life back together. Faced with the loss of both parents during the same crime in which she was abducted, Jayme has been living with her aunt to whom the girl is very close.

But, unfortunately, the nightmare isn't over yet. The focus of investigators has turned, by necessity, from the recovery of the missing teen to the investigation into the crime and the upcoming trial of the accused kidnapper, 21-year-old Jake Patterson.

Yes, they have a suspect in custody. But Investigators are still hard at work to discover not only evidence to be used against 21-year-old suspected kidnapper and murderer Jake Patterson, but also to piece together a more precise timeline of the events before, during, and after Jayme’s abduction.

F.B.I agents say they located Jake Patterson’s cell phone on the front seat of his car and are hoping that data contained therein will provide valuable clues in the case.

Fox News reports, “Authorities were examining a contact list, a log of incoming and outgoing calls, texts and other messages and social media communications found on Patterson’s cellphone that could be used to ‘determine the chronological context’ of what happened that led to Jayme’s abduction, court documents filed Tuesday stated.”

But that’s not all. They are also looking at emails sent to and from the phone and any images it contains that may be related to the time during Jayme’s confinement and ongoing investigation.

Details of the information found on the cellphone were not released.

Patterson was arrested on January 11th after Jayme escaped from where she had been held for nearly three months while Patterson was not at home.

The suspect is accused of not only abducting Jayme from her home on October 15th, but also of the brutal slaying of both her parents on the same night. Denise and James Close were found shot to death when police responded to a 9-1-1 call from inside the home.

Information learned from Patterson at the time of his arrest included an admission that he killed Jayme’s parents. He also told police that he had never attempted to contact Jayme prior to the abduction on October 15th.

Perhaps information on his cell phone will provide the truth about that.

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