Major Update In Missing Jayme Closs Case; Police Searching For These Two Vehicles That May Lead Them To Jayme

October 23, 2018

On Monday, October 22, the Barron County Sheriff's Department said that they might have received a tip that may lead them to a missing 13-year-old Wisconsin girl, Jayme Closs, who has been missing for over a week.

About a week ago, deputies found the bodies of James Closs, 56 and Denise Closs, 46 at their home. A 9-1-1 call, from Denise's cell phone, brought the police to their Barron County home, but they saw no signs of their daughter Jayme, who is not a suspect, or a gun. Police say they do not know who actually made the call.

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fritzgerald spoke to the public at a news conference Monday afternoon about two possible vehicles that may be connected to the case.

Investigators reviewed surveillance tapes from nearby businesses and private home and found that these two vehicles were in the area at the time. Fitzgerald said that they were unable to distinguish the license plate numbers.

Police are searching for a red or orange Dodge Challenger and a black Ford Edge or Acura MDX sport utility vehicle.

Fitzgerald also asked the public during the news conference to come out for a search effort on Tuesday.

"We are asking for about 2,000 volunteers to walk specific areas in or around the crime scene to help in our investigation," Fitzgerald said Monday. "We are looking for anything and everything that may be of evidentiary value that may be related to the incident."

Please pray Jayme is found safe!