3 Teens Arrested In Brutal Carjacking Murder Of New Orleans Pastor’s Wife Who Was Run Down With Her Own Vehicle

December 03, 2018

49-year-old Jeannot Franco Plessy, the wife of Pastor David Plessy, was killed during a carjacking on November 27th as she was dropping off two children at the time of her daughter and son-in-law, It was when Mrs. Plessy returned to her vehicle that she became a victim of a carjacking.

The perpetrator ran up to the car, pulled Mrs. Plessy out of the vehicle and threw her to the ground. When the son-in-law tried to intervene the carjacker backed up and ran over the woman.


Now, a  17-year-old has confessed to the crime and implicated three others. “Police said, “Jontrell Robinson, 17, also claimed that an 18-year-old named Edwin Cottrell, an underage boy, and an unidentified girl used a stolen minivan to get him to the scene of the killing and then went with him to discard the car of the slaying victim, Jeannot Plessy.

Fox News reports, “New Orleans police said a 17-year-old was charged with second-degree murder and carjacking, while 18-year-old Edwin Cottrell and another juvenile were charged with being principals to second-degree murder and principals to carjacking.


“But according to online court records, a judge on Sunday set bail for both Cottrell and the 17-year-old at $600,000 on charges of second-degree murder, carjacking and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.”

Doctors say Mrs. Plessy died from blunt force trauma as a result of being run over by her own vehicle. After the incident, police were able to locate the stolen vehicle and processed it for evidence.


”Investigators found a stolen van that had been seen tracking Plessy's car after it was stolen. A DNA sample collected from the van matched Cottrell, who was in the company of the other two teens when tracked down,” authorities said.

David Plessy said his wife’s murder was “an act of selfishness,” but seeks to forgive, in keeping with his Christian principles.


”One inclination would be to scream out for justice and scream out of anger, and perhaps that's a stage of my grief that's in front of me," Plessy said. "But I know my wife has never failed to forgive anyone who has hurt her."


Please join us in praying for Mrs. Plessy's family and everyone touched by this horrific crime.

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