Sports Legend Dies Suddenly At Age 68; Found Unresponsive In Bed After Complaining Of Leg Pain

February 26, 2019

Having lived your whole life as an athlete - taking care of your body in every way: eating right, working out - a person usually expects to reap the rewards of that healthy living by sticking around to a ripe old age.

But, one highly-decorated athlete, who rose to the top in his sport during the 80s and 90s, didn’t get the deal he had hoped for.

Jeff Everson, famed bodybuilder and founder of ‘Planet Muscle’ magazine, was found dead inside his Los Angeles home on Saturday.

TMZ reports, “We're told it appears Everson may have passed away a few days before his body was discovered. There are no signs of foul play. Officials do not believe Jeff took his own life. We're told investigators believe he died of natural causes.

“We spoke with family members who tell us Jeff had recently complained of pain in his legs and feet, but Jeff suspected it was from powerlifting and nothing more serious than that.“

Speculation quickly rose as to whether or not Everson’s past use of steroids might have contributed to his untimely death.

As we all know, with the prevalence of the drug in the world of bodybuilding, it is natural to wonder.

TMZ also reports, “Jeff had been open about his steroid use in the past -- but we're told he had not used in a very long time.”

That question will be answered only after the coroner completes the inquest into Everson’s death.

Everson rose to fame as a highly-decorated competitor in the sport of bodybuilding. He even placed sixth in the Mr. Universe Masters event in 1992.

Everson was married to top female bodybuilder Cory Everson for a time in the 80s and 90s, but the two divorced. Since then, Jeff has continued to train and compete, and run his magazine.

Please join us in praying for Jeff’s family and friends during this difficult time.

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