Jennifer Aniston is Reportedly Pregnant With Ex-Husband Brad Pitt; Reps Deny Claim

May 31, 2018

Fans of Jennifer Aniston miss her younger, fun-loving life when she co-starred on the hilarious hit sitcom, "Friends," and was married to heartthrob Brad Pitt.

Well, it appears half of that life might be coming back. Aniston is reportedly pregnant, and the father is Pitt!

A source tells "OK!" that the two have reunited after Aniston's breakup with Justin Theroux. The estranged couple wants to start a family together, according to the insider.

“They’ve realized they still love each other very much and want to be in each other’s lives forever,” the source said. “They’re ready to make up for lost time.”

While both representatives of Pitt and Aniston deny any reunion or any romantic fling, the insider asserted that the two are indeed together and Aniston is pregnant with Pitt.

“It was Brad’s idea to get together and talk about a potential project,” the source shared. “He invited her over to his house, and she saw that old charm she loved so well. She realized how much she had actually missed him.”

The two are working on a project together according to the publication, and the project is "strictly business," but the two may have been secretly dating for several months. It's hard not to hope that they might be rekindling their old relationship.

“They’ve been reminiscing about old times,” the source revealed. “They’ll put on some music, and sometimes Brad will whip up Jen’s favorite guacamole.”

“Jen’s really impressed with how far he’s come with his therapy and sobriety," the insider added. "She can tell Brad has really worked on himself and she’s proud of him.”

Pitt has made some positive changes lately and Aniston could be very pleased with those. Maybe he's the man now that she has always wanted.

“She had always imagined they would have a family together and it finally seemed like the time was right to make that dream a reality,” the insider shared. “Of course he agreed! Those are the words he longed to hear her say years ago. Brad said he would be thrilled to give her that gift.”

The two are deciding if they should move into Pitt's home or if they should find a new home to raise a family together. Check out the video below about Aniston's recent breakup!

“Now, she feels she’s exactly where she’s supposed to be," the insider said.

What do you think about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt getting back together? Let us know! In other news, Camilla is livid at Prince Charles after he reveals a life-altering decision impacting Prince William and the royal monarchy.

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