New DNA Evidence In Missing Mom Case Blows The Doors Off Defendant's Claims Of Innocence

June 11, 2019

New evidence presented during a Tuesday court hearing in the disappearance of a Connecticut mother of five, seems to point the finger at the man charged in the case: her estranged husband.

Jennifer Doulos reportedly disappeared on May 24th after dropping her children off at school. The car she had been driving was located later that same day but there was no trace of the 50-year-old.

Jennifer and husband Fotis Dulos had been involved in a contentious divorce proceeding, centering on the custody of their children, ages 8-13.

Police arrested Jennifer’s husband after a search his home revealed “evidence” that led investigators to suspect he had something to do with her disappearance.

They also arrested Fotis’ current girlfriend Michelle Troconis in connection with the case.

Now, prosecutors reveal that in a search of the home in which Jennifer lived after the couple’s separation turn up some bombshell evidence.

State's Attorney Richard Colangelo Jr. said Jennifer Dulos' blood was found mixed with Fotis Dulos' DNA on the kitchen sink faucet of her home in New Canaan.

“Fotis Dulos has never lived at that home. He, Troconis, and her daughter lived together at the Dulos family's former home about 60 miles (97 kilometers) away in the Hartford suburb of Farmington,’ according to court documents.

The presence of Fotis’ DNA is particularly damning, according to prosecutors, considering the accused never lived at the home.

Fotis and Troconis are accused of disposing of “clothing, sponges and other items that contained Jennifer Dulos' blood.”

“Citing surveillance video and cellphone location evidence, authorities accuse them of dumping the items at multiple locations in Hartford, where police also have been searching garbage at a trash-to-energy plant.

“Police have said people in the video match the description of Fotis Dulos and Troconis.”

While the couple has not been formally charged with the missing mom’s murder, there is very strong evidence that they are somehow involved.

The original arrest warrants for Fotis and his girlfriend stated that “blood spatter and evidence of cleanup attempts also were found at Jennifer Dulos' home.”

For now, both sides are working toward proving their cases. Fotis’ attorney says his client has an alibi for the day Jennifer disappeared, while the prosecution points to the DNA evidence as proof that he was the killer.

Today was the second court appearance for the accused. They are next due in court on August 2nd.

As we continue to pray that Jennifer Doulos is found safe, we also hope that, if she has been murdered, the truth of what happened will be revealed.

And we continue to pray for the couple’s five children who are now without both parents.

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