Daytime TV Legend Calls It Quits After 27 Years; Fans Are Heartbroken

June 21, 2018

Many fans are heartbroken after learning some sad news about a famous television show. On the other hand, other people were wondering how it stayed on the air this long.

After nearly three decades, 4,000 episodes, "The Jerry Springer Show" is finally coming to an end. According to the "Associated Press," the NBC show made a quiet decision to "shutter" the show.

The producers said that "there is a possibility" of more original shows in the future, but at this time they have decided to stop the production of the show.

"The Jerry Springer Show" first aired in 1991 as an issues-oriented show including politics, but after the show quickly went downhill, the producers had to make some changes.

Jerry Springer is 74 years old and has not yet released a statement about his show's cancellation. Springer did, however, recently comment about the cancellation rumors to Kevin Fraizer at "Entertainment Tonight."

"We've stopped production of the show," Springer said. "Whenever you make changes, it's sad."

The network does plan on showing reruns of "The Jerry Springer Show," and they don't seem to be concerned considering they have 4,000 episodes to choose from.

“Realistically, I don’t think the audience is able to look at the show and say, ‘That’s one from this year, or two years ago or four years ago.’ It has become so homogeneous," analyst Bill Carroll said.


What do you think about this show cancellation? Let us know! In other news, tragic news about Barron Trump has just been reported — includes kidnapping. Please join us in praying for him. 

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