'FOX' Star Unexpectedly Dies In Hospital; Requesting Prayers

August 01, 2018

There have been some tragic news that has come in. A former cooking star on FOX's "Hell's Kitchen" with Gordon Ramsay has died.

On Monday, July 30, chef Jessica Vogel passed away at a hospital. She was 34-years-old, according to "NorthJersey.com," a "USA Today" affiliate.

In October, Vogel wrote a raw post about her life and admitted that she had a drinking problem.


"When my sister says start a blog, the narcissistic alcoholic in me thinks me and I. Perfect. I’m f****d up. Truly. Sure," Vogel begins.

"I was on Hells kitchen with Chef Ramsay and Cutthroat Kitchen on Food Network. I went to culinary school in Denver, grew up at the Jersey shore..." she continued.


"I’m weeks away from 34 years old and got told I drink too much and have cirrhosis. Did it stop me from pouring shots of alcohol? Nope," Vogel wrote.

Her fiance, John Michael Keyser, said "her heart gave out" when she was at the hospital. The reason why it was such an unexpected death was because the couple was "planning to open a restaurant together."

Vogel attended culinary school at Johnson and Wales in Denver, and auditioned for "Hell's Kitchen" which aired in March 2014. While on the show she worked at a bakery in California.


Later, she worked for chef Christine Nunn as a pastry chef at Grange in Westwood. Then, she went to work at Nunn's Ridgewood restaurant, Picnic on the Square. In March 2016, she was an executive chef at Black Rebel Burger in Hackensack.

Her fiance is having a difficult time with her passing and says that his "heart is breaking." We are asking our readers to pray for Vogel's family as they go through this hard time.