Famous Singer Posts A Photo Of Herself Holding Glass of Wine While Breastfeeding Son; Fans Outraged

August 03, 2018

Famous country singer Jessie James Decker is recently under fire for posting a photo of herself holding what appears to be a glass of rose wine while at the same time breastfeeding her infant son.

The "Flip My Hair" singer is getting slammed on Instagram after this photo was posted. The glass appears to be wine, but it is unclear. The photo does, however, imply that it could be alcohol.

In the photo, Decker is relaxing on an oversized chair while flashing the peace sign with her son Forrest Bradley breastfeeding and holding a champagne flute glass. She captioned the photo with "Cheers b******."

People on Instagram were quick to call her out, while others praised her.

"Why are you drinking while feeding your child?" one commenter wrote. "Disgusting."

“You and your baby are beautiful!!!! I hope that’s not alcohol while you feeding that precious gift,” one person wrote.

Another wrote, "Why post a pic of you drinking wine and breastfeeding? So stupid to do this to your baby... Is this setting a good example for all of the young nursing moms?"

Other fans supported her actions by saying the following:

"People give me s*** for having a drink and breastfeeding... my pediatrician told me it was perfectly fine just don't get hammered lol," one wrote.

Other celebrities jumped in by applauding Decker's picture. Jamie Lynn Spears wrote, "mom goals," and "Married at First Sight" star Jamie Otis wrote, "I. LOVE. THIS."

Rather than slamming the mother of three, other commenters decided to offer medical advice.

"In moderation, alcohol passes through blood at the same rate as it does breast milk. So drinking while breastfeeding, at the same time, may be a problem if your duration is long. Cheers!"

What Pediatricians Say

"Fox News" reports that the American Acadamy of Pediatrics says, "Alcohol passes through breast milk to a baby, so it's best for women to avoid habitual use of alcohol while breastfeeding."

The Acadamy continues: "If a woman chooses to have an alcoholic drink, it's best to do so just after she has nursed or expressed milk rather than before, and allow at least 2 hours per drink before the next breastfeeding or pumping session."

Decker has three children with her husband, Tennessee Titans' wide receiver Eric Decker. She has not commented on whether or not it was alcohol in the glass.

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