Gruesome Details Emerge In Horrifying Crash Of 24-Year-Old Jet Car Pilot - Cause Of Death Released, And It’s Not What Was Originally Reported

November 20, 2018

The adrenaline-producing sport of Jet Car Racing suffered a terrible loss this week as a promising young competitor lost her life at the end of a mind-blowing 300 MPH run at the Sebring International Speedway Raceway in Florida. Now, we are learning that what they originally believed caused the death of a promising female jet-car pilot was incorrect.

24-year-old Kat Moller was just finishing an exhibition run of her jet-powered race car when it failed to stop properly at the end of the course. Cars traveling at that speed require the use of parachutes in order to stop and initial reports say that hers failed to deploy. But after examining footage from the incident, officials now believe that she was killed by debris when she collided with a piece of equipment that was on the track.

Moller was piloting a vehicle for Larsen Motorsports when the crash occurred. According to Fox News, “A witness told that her main chute failed to open at the end of the 1/8-mile strip and that she veered into the wall, but an official investigation into the crash is ongoing.” That investigation uncovered the information we have shared today.

On November 14th, Moller wrote this - her final post - on Facebook right before her ill-fated race:

“I am excited to be heading back to Sebring International Raceway where my family has a long history of racing. My dad road race there all through the 90s and my brother is currently racing often with his drift car there. It’s an exciting track for me and my family.”

Moller was no newcomer to racing, a sport that had become a family affair. Her father and brother are also involved in the dangerous activity. Kat first started racing at the age of 11 when she was a part of Jr. Dragsters.

Kat had earned a degree in engineering and was pursuing a master’s degree as well

Although the sadness of her loss at such a young age is immense, it’s somewhat comforting to know that she died doing what she loved.

Please join us in praying for the racing superstar’s family, as they mourn her terrible loss.

To learn a little more about this remarkable young woman and how she pushed the envelope to advance the sport of Jet Racing for others to enjoy in the future.

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