Florida Man Uses Jet Ski to Put Out Boat Fire—Many Can’t Believe It

May 01, 2018

A Florida man, Bret Townsend, is being “hailed a hero” after he rushed towards a boat fire with a jet ski. Townsend is a certified EMT and about to be a paramedic.

The boat fire began after a gasoline leak near a sandbar in Tequesta. While everyone watched, doing nothing, he stepped up and did something.

After seeing the boat in flames, Townsend got on a jet ski and rushed towards the boat as fast as he could, turning at the last moment to spray the flaming boat’s fire out. Because of his quick thinking actions, he potentially saved a lot of lives.

According to one local news source, Townsend states, “‘My concern was the boat was going to blow off to the side, maybe catch something else on fire or get down into the fuel tank, maybe explode or leak oil into the water.’”


Well, Townsend, we are super proud of your bravery. Townsend hopes to land a job at the Palm Beach Fire Rescue after he graduates in July.

We hope and pray you get the job. This is definitely an impressive first start!

In other news, a Florida teen went missing. It is suspected she left willingly with an older man. Learn more about how you can help, as well as pray here.

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