Joanna Gaines and Kim Kardashian: Not Quite as Different as We Think

November 28, 2017

Joanna Gaines and Kim Kardashian might seem like they’re from entirely different worlds. One is the queen of reality TV, the other is the queen of HGTV. But there’s actually more similarities between the two than you might expect.

Check them out below:

They’re both smart businesswomen.

Do you remember baby Kim Kardashian? We have plenty of young celebrities out there, but no one remembers Kim as a baby. That’s because she’s made a name for herself—and her family. Kim started out as a small-time model and small business owner, now the name Kim Kardashian is a household name.

Do you remember Joanna Gaines when she was young? Again, probably not. When she was going through college, she worked at her father’s tire shop to get a little experience. Now everyone knows who she is. Both women started as sales associates and have ended up with...well, basically with their own empires. That doesn’t come from nothing. It comes from being smart.

They’re the realists of the family.

Both of these women are the realists of their families. Kim Kardashian is the one her family members call when they have a problem that needs to be solved. She doesn’t get caught up in the petty drama like some of her siblings. She tells it like it is and rolls her eyes at a lot of the craziness.

If you’ve ever seen “Fixer Upper,” you probably know that Chip is an idealist. He likes to take an idea and just run with it. Luckily for him, he has Joanna to bring him back to reality. If it was up to him, he might demolish an entire house on Demo Day. Joanna is the one who helps him figure out the details.

Just look at them.

I mean, realistically, this list would mean nothing if I didn’t bring this up. They both have long, dark hair that they part in the middle. Kim has her Armenian ancestry and Joanna has Lebanese and Korean ancestry. They both have slightly darker skin and high cheekbones.

They tolerate their husbands’ antics.

Chip is a pill. There's not really any other way of saying it. He likes to crack jokes, pull pranks, and do things that might make people laugh. I’m always amazed at Joanna’s ability to put up with his crazy antics.

Kim also has to deal with her husband’s antics. When Kanye West announced that he would be running for president in 2020, Kim was as surprised as the rest of us, but she took it all in stride. She knows exactly how to handle Kanye’s strange antics and crazy ideas, just like Joanna knows how to handle Chip’s.

They adore their families.

Chip and Joanna are all about their family. Every episode starts with them chatting with their kids. Near the end, the kids always come to help Joanna decorate the houses on the last night. It’s cute, it’s sweet, we all love it. When Joanna takes her daughter out antiques shopping with her, it melts everyone’s hearts more than we’d like to admit.

But Chip and Joanna aren’t the only ones who adore their family. I mean, Kim stars in an entire show that focuses on her relationships with her sisters. Not only that, but Kim absolutely adores her kids. She was overjoyed when she got pregnant with her second child, Saint, even though she had an extremely difficult pregnancy the first time around. She wanted more than anything to be able to carry her third child but was told that her life might be in danger if she did. Through the process, she did everything she could to keep her family safe and happy and out of the spotlight as much as possible.

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