Joanna Gaines Videos Daughter’s Gymnastics Class, But What She Does Right After Sends Social Media Into Hysterics

March 08, 2019

Every time we see Joanna and Chip Gaines we fall a little bit more in love with the charismatic and down-to-earth 'Fixer Upper' stars. Fans are no strangers to the super-couple's delightful personalities and we revel in their willingness to share the lives of their five children with the world.

In spite of being one of the most successful businesswomen around - and a beloved TV star, to boot - to her five kids, Drake, Emmie, Duke, Ella, and baby Crew, Joanna Gaines is ‘Just Mom.’

And if you need proof, just take a look at the adorable video shot at her daughter Emmie’s gymnastics class. (below)

Just like any other proud mama, Joanna whipped out her cell phone to record her nine-year-old daughter’s latest achievement in tumbling. But, what she did next is what has the entire internet abuzz.

Only seconds after Emmie moved out of the frame, Joanna decided it was her turn to show off!

The ‘Fixer-Upper’ star obviously set down the phone, propped it up, and ran into the shot. There, with no warning she performed the exact same trick her little girl just did, in an attempt to prove, she’s ‘still got it!’

Well, its a matter of opinion whether or not she does, but the resulting footage is priceless. Joanna posted the video on her Instagram and since then, it’s gone viral.

To many of her fans - who had no idea that the multi-talented Mrs. Gaines possessed such skills - the spectacle was a delightful treat, and just one more intimate peek into the inner workings of what makes Joanna so special.

What did you think?

Apparently, Joanna doesn’t think her performance was too stellar, pronouncing the performance a ‘fail.’

But her followers didn’t let her get away with selling herself short.

“Uh you bent over backwards, like all the way! I wouldn’t have even made it that far! 😜😜”

“Pretty darn good, especially after 5 babies! Be proud of yourself!”

“You’ve had 5 babies, no question you 'got it' and more!”

“I love that you even attempted let alone NAILED it!”

“It's hard when suddenly realize we are aging fast. You did good.”

Then, she got some comments from a couple of ladies who REALLY know what they’re tailing about, Olympic Gold-Medalists Mary Lou Retton and Shawn Johnson!

First was Mary Lou Retton, saying, “I’m impressed lady,” Perhaps one of the most recognized names in USA gymnastics, Retton “won a gold medal in the individual all-around at the 1984 Summer Olympics, as well as two silver medals and two bronze medals.”

Next came gymnastics star, Shawn Johnson: “Hahaha greatest video ever,” Johnson, of course, was an Olympian “who snagged a gold medal and three silver medals in the 2008 Summer Games.”

Joanna, 40, wasn’t as impressed, however, captioning her footage with this comment:

"When you think you still got it... but you don't."

So, what do you think of Joanna's on-screen performance? Does she 'still got it?' Or is it time to leave the tumbling to her children? Just post your thoughts in the 'comments' section. We'd love to hear from you!

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