Steal Joanna Gaines' Style

March 09, 2018

Joanna Gaines can serve as life inspiration for us all. From her eye for decorating to her fashion to her beautiful marriage to her husband Chip. If you find yourself coveting her classy, simple wardrobe, check out these tips for style inspiration.

1. Stick with a neutral color palette

You can never go wrong with mixing and matching neutrals. In this Instagram post, Joanna’s style features tan, black, denim, and gray. Even better, her outfit looks so comfortable and practical! This outfit is easy to throw together and to mix-and-match with other basics.

2. Aim for muted, natural colors, like blue and green

When you do want to throw in some colors, aim for natural earth-toned colors that have gray tones. These colors can basically serve as neutrals and can be easily mixed and matched.

3. If your outfit looks too basic, throw on a jacket

Joanna’s outfits are very similar each day. She often wears a basic tee shirt and jeans. The main difference day-to-day is her jackets. The same shirt paired with a neutral pink jacket one day might look completely different paired with a tan jacket the next.

4. When you dress up, keep it simple

Don’t bother worrying about investing in expensive pieces for dressing up. A couple of neutral, mid-length skirts and simple tops paired with nude heels. This is a simple, elegant look that can work for anyone.

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