Joanna Gaines Makes Over Her Sister’s Home After She Moves to Waco—The Results are Spectacular [Photos]

May 01, 2018

Most of us know Joanna Gaines for her farmhouse-chic style. But did you also know she is a sister and one of three siblings?

Here is a picture of her and her siblings welcoming their sister Mary Kay’s sixth baby! Mary Kay is the one in the middle. Her sisters call her “Mickey.”

Recently, Joanna’s sister, Mickey, also moved to Waco, TX. In the fifth season of “Fixer Upper,” she even makes over her sister’s new home. The result is utterly beautiful!

Joanna states, "I knew Mikey would like it, which is the whole reason I got excited about it to begin with."

Here are a few pictures from the remodel. We are so in love with the design (and those matching sister outfits)!

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In other news, Chip shuts down a writer’s comments after what he says about his family. See his quick-witted response here.

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