'The Conners' Bringing In Mega-Popular TV Star As New Love Interest For Dan, But Is It Too Late To Save Struggling Show?

December 12, 2018

The reboot of ‘Roseanne,’ the enormously popular TV show from the 80s and 90s, has hit a few rough patches along the way back to the small screen. But, it finally premiered in October 2018, to blockbuster ratings. And why shouldn’t it? All of the principal characters were back with their original portrayers - and the lovable, dysfunctional Conner family seemed to pick up where they left off in 1997.

Then ‘IT’ happened. Star Roseanne Barr made some controversial Tweets and before anyone knew what was happening, ABC canned the show.


Then, through a series of negotiations, including Roseanne Barr promising to relinquish all rights to the show that she created, the show was brought back under the new name, 'The Conners.' Barr says she did it to save the jobs for her co-stars and lifelong friends.

But, audiences were not sold on the idea of a Roseanne-reboot without the title character. And then when they killed her off, it was the final straw for some. The ratings tanked and its future is in question.


Now, in what seems to be a last-ditch effort to save the sinking show, producers have brought out the heavy artillery. They have, reportedly, hired beloved character actress Katey Sagal to play the first love interest of Dan Conner after the ‘death’ of his wife, Roseanne.

According to TooFab, “One of the most iconic television actresses of the modern era looked absolutely radiant as an old classmate returning to Lanford after she failed to make her mark in the music industry.

“And while it's impossible to fully imagine 'The Conners' attempting to replace Roseanne Barr at the heart of the show, you could do worse than Katey Sagal.”

Fans have mixed reactions to the news. While it’s hard to turn up your nose at someone of Sagal’s caliber joining the show, many are still not ready to move on after the abrupt and tragic loss of TV icon and matriarch of the Conner family, Roseanne.

Some are eager for a new storyline:


"Cannot wait to see @KateySagal tonight! Just one request.....don't make her a love interest for Dan until Season 2!!!"

But others think Roseanne has been in ‘time-out’ long enough and urge producers to bring her back.


"Bring Roseanne back she learned her lesson”

No matter in which direction the show moves, it has its work cut out for it. They alienated 50% of their audience by removing the show's star over an incident that, many say, was blown way out of proportion.

What about you? Most people have strong opinions about the whole ‘Roseanne firing’ thing and we would love to hear yours. Just leave your thoughts in the ‘comments’ section.

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