American Superstar's Newborn Son Seconds From Tragic Death After Being Delivered with Life-Threatening Complications

May 07, 2018

A huge congratulations are in order for the famous "American Idol" singer, Jordin Sparks and her husband Dana Isaiah.



They just welcomed a new baby!


On May 2, Sparks and Isaiah were over the moon excited about welcoming their first baby into this world.



Sparks decided to have a natural water birth, according to PEOPLE. However, just three days after giving birth, the 28-year-old opened up about what had happened during the delivery.


“I went to a birth center,” Sparks said. “It’s actually right across from Cedars Sinai here in L.A., so just in case anything happened, if there’s complications that arise, they actually would escort us over to the hospital.”



Isaiah was planning on catching the baby; good thing too, "because the umbilical cord was wrapped around [the baby’s] neck twice.”


“I didn’t see it because I was facing the other way,” Sparks explained. Sparks said that Isaiah was saying, "‘I don’t know what to do.’ He said it almost looked like a scarf; it was wrapped around his neck and bod,” Sparks said. The midwife “got [the umbilical cord] off really quickly.”



Thankfully, the midwife was there and their baby boy took his first breath. The first time she held her son, she said that she was overcome with emotion.


“It was just this incredibly miraculous, beautiful moment that I don’t know could ever be duplicated or replicated," she said. "Like you see it in movies, how emotional people get, but until you are actually sitting there it’s beyond anything I’ve ever felt in my life.”



Sparks said that she had experienced a lot in her 28 years of life, and is looking forward to focusing on someone else right now. Her baby.


“Everything changed, but almost nothing either, because this is what I was meant to do. I was meant to bring him into this world, and to be his mom,” Sparks said. “My brother asked me yesterday, ‘Are you ready for your life to not be about you anymore?’"



Her response is what all of us mothers and fathers think. This baby will be loved after reading what she said.


“I stopped for a second and thought, ‘I have lived a lot of life in the last 28 years,’” she explained. “I have lived a lot and seen a lot. I am okay about it being about someone else from now on, I am good with that.”


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