Florida Woman Arrested For Posting Online Threat To ‘Shoot Everyone At Nearest Elementary School.’ Motive Remains Mystery

May 17, 2019

A 26-year-old Florida woman was arrested on Friday and charged with threatening to carry out a mass shooting at a local school.

Juliana Cote made the threat on her Facebook page on Thursday.

In the post, the Tampa resident made the explicit threat and pictured a small handgun to, ostensibly, make the threat seem more real.

Deputies were notified of the post and they quickly went to Cote’s home and interrogated her. She admitted to making the post and was arrested.

Cote has previously posted on social media.

"I used to believe that guns were only for men, and stable rational people," the 26-year-old wrote on social media. "But I, Juliana Joy Cote, a unipolar manic autistic, got this lil [sic] sucker here. For FREE! and did nothing to get it."

The Sheriff’s office says Cote has been charged with “making written threats to commit a mass shooting or terrorism.” All charges are felonies.


Cote is being held at Falkenburg Road Jail on a $7500 bond. Authorities are not addressing the motive behind her threat.

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