Just Months Left to Live, Fred Surprised His Daughters and Wife With Special Gift

October 09, 2017

After receiving the devastating news that he would only have a few months left to live, Fred Evan wanted to provide a special gift to the women in his life. When Fred was recovering from a double lung transplant, his doctors discovered metastatic melanoma.

The medications Fred takes in order for his body to not reject his new lungs are having an impact on his chemotherapy treatments. His body basically can't handle much chemotherapy while his body is adapting to his new lungs and medications.

Fred and his wife, Karla, absolutely love life. Before, and even after his diagnoses, they took advantage of their blessed opportunities. These include tailgating at a Jimmy Buffet concert, underwater photography in Cozumel, scuba diving, and enjoying their Sunday mornings at their church.

Fred and Karla have four children together. They have three daughters, Martha, Gracie, and Kate, and one son, Daniel. Gracie and Kate are not yet married. As a typical dad with daughters, Fred wanted to have the opportunity to walk his daughters down the aisle and give them away.

Martha, who’s already married, helped her parents set up this special event. They told the girls that Fred had a surprise for their mom and asked that they show up at different times to the church. Little did they know, the surprise was for each of them.

When the girls arrived, their dad greeted them wearing a tuxedo with a bouquet of flowers in hand. Fred told them just in case he wouldn't be there on their wedding day, he wanted to walk them down the aisle and give them his blessing.

With their immediate family watching, Fred walked his daughters down the aisle to a particular song he picked out. When they reached the altar, he gave each of his daughters away as their family circled them praying over their future marriages.

One More Surprise

After Fred finished walking his daughters down the aisle, he said he had one more bride. Karla was very confused as she thought the only surprises that day were for their two daughters.

Fred handed Karla a beautiful bouquet of flowers and asked if she would renew their vows together. The two "promised to love each other for the rest of their lives." This couple stands true to their original vows, "in sickness and in health, for better or for worse."

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